Sunday, August 30, 2009

Carbonated Games, as visited by "Flat Terek" in 2006

This is a series of photos taken of Microsoft's Carbonated Games Studio on Willows Road, Redmond WA. These were taken for my nephew, Terek, who had sent a paper doll of himself -- "Flat Terek" -- and asked that Flat Terek be photographed having adventures. The pictures form a snapshot-in-time of Carbonated Games Studio.

Riding the propellor outside Microsoft Carbonated Games Studio

Getting a free pop

Looking at a game artist's whiteboard

Checking out Rachel Rutherford's art table

Admiring Rich Rowan's board games

Hanging with Rich Rowan

Studying Jason Mai's Texas Hold 'Em Poker wall

Playing Rich Rowan's Xbox

Visiting Katie Stone (now Katie Stone Perez) in Xbox Live Arcade